Love Your Style, LLC. (LYS)  was founded by Hulet Purchas, in 2011.  Our Unique open-sell philosophy features an increasing number of customized services. Let us help you to style for those timeless and basic pieces that you need to create the awesome, classic wardrobe, that are  the basic building blocks of a well-rounded closet.  LYS will also style for your perfect Wedding by providing high-end organic cosmetic products at reduced prices and shopping for great wardrobe pieces that suit the occasion.

Our interest is to consistently save you money by identifying key pieces as wardrobe essentials  for every individual — whether a student, a graduate interviewing for a first job, or a seasoned professional looking for a polished timeless look.

Through our Client Loyalty Program, clients can also receive special products as a means of  expressing our appreciation for your repeat patronage.


Keeping Styles Classic, Sophisticated,Timeless & Affordable


Combining traditional styling with modern accessories
Adding statement jewelry and great essentials to your wardrobe
Wearing that “power suit” with confidence





Wardrobe Styling
Makeup & Skincare
Personal Shopping
Closet Organization & Coordination

Love Your Style will organize your closet, coordinate your wardrobe, shop for that perfect outfit or even style for your wedding. We also recognize the importance of effective customer relationships and we are here to assist you in this endeavor by providing the appropriate training. Through great customer relations your business will develop while simultaneously establishing and maintaining your customer base. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We value your business and will be happy to help.

Wardrobe Styling

Competitive Styling For Everyone
Working With:

Working moms & Stay-at-home moms
Business professionals
Women & Men




Women’s Clothing

Styling the Everyday Woman




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Makeup & Skincare


Welcome to  Love Your Style (LYS) makeup and skincare product line.  Love Your Style’s quest is to deliver the finest quality ingredients in our products, and unbeatable top quality service, assistance and selection at competitive prices.

LYS products are free from talc, parabens, bismuth,  oxychloride, and they are made with the highest quality mineral and organic ingredients.  Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we believe that our best ideas come from our customers therefore, please contact us and let us know how we can better serve you.

We hope you will enjoy your experience with Love Your Style and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hulet Purchas

CEO, Founder







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Closet Organization & Coordination


Knowing where you are with your seasonal favorite

Getting rid of pieces that are no longer appealing

Organizing your favorite pieces

Loving your black and grey



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